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Feast Your Senses Like Never Before

Explore the magic of Quilla as a quick yet healthy snack or whip up a captivating meal in no time with any flavour that stirs your appetite! Experience the magic of gourmet flavoured paneer 

The Taster's

Get Every Quilla Flavour
in One Pack!

Made from A2 milk

organic, fresh, no additives

Authentic ingredients

no artificial flavours, no colours, no sweeteners

Truly fresh

no preservatives


packed with proteins, calcium, zinc & vitamins

A Time-honoured Recipe, Levelled Up!

Curious how the best food always comes from a grandmother’s kitchen, no? Believe it or not, that’s where Quilla came to be, too.

One day, rummaging in Dadimaa’s kitchen for afternoon snacks led to experimental interventions in her paneer-making process. The resulting spiced paneer piqued everyone’s curiosity and we simply had to explore it further. Thus began the journey of creating a multitude of flavours while retaining the flawless original character of traditional melt-in-the-mouth paneer.

But we couldn’t let it be just that…


Do You Know What You’re Eating?

In a world full of tall claims with little substance to back them up, it gets hard to be sure of what’s going into your body. At Quilla, we know the struggles of trying to stay healthy despite the staggering lack of information. So we made a decision to give you the complete, unfiltered picture.

Find out exactly what’s on your plate.


Quilla brings together influences from around the world and infuses them into every flavour-packed bite of wholesome paneer. From the strong spices of the East to the subtle seasonings of the West, Quilla offers a veritable curation of tastes to suit every occasion.

Variety is woven into the very fabric of our being. So, every wheel of Quilla can be everything from a ready-to-eat snack to a satisfying salad to a gratifying gravy dish!

Learn all-new ways to pair your Quilla or cook up a delicious Quilla dinner!

People Love Quilla!

Sudha Subramaniam

Quilla has changed the way I think about paneer altogether. Now I feel like my diet can have a lot more healthy & delicious paneer in it!

Sudha Subramaniam
Saranbir Singh

Tried the Piquant South salad recipe. It was deliciously traditional and full of life. It's low on calories and will remain a part of my diet!

Saranbir Singh
Pankaj Agarwal

It's healthy, it's quick, and it's absolutely delicious. With my hectic lifestyle, that is everything I need. Quilla is my kitchen superhero!

Pankaj Agarwal
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