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Know What’s In Every Quilla Wheel

Handpicked Ingredients for Your Wellness

Every Quilla wheel is an embodiment of our belief in the goodness of nature. Packed to the brim with wholesome ingredients that are good for you, Quilla comes to you in the best possible form.

Here’s a low-down on everything that goes into Quilla wheels.

Wholesome & Organic A2 Milk

Organic A2 milk comes from non-hybrid, genetically pristine cows that are bred using traditional rearing methods across India. It is a healthier variant of regular cow’s milk that is free of a protein called A1 β-casein. This protein is present in milk obtained from hybrid cow breeds. The digestion of this protein has been proven to have harmful effects on various functions of the human body in the long term.

The milk used to make your beloved Quilla flavours comes from trusted sources that we personally handpicked for their trustworthiness. It is 100% free of A1 β-casein, helping us ensure that every Quilla wheel is safe and healthy for your consumption!

Probiotic Curd

Although the manufacturing process requires minimal amounts of curd, we use the healthiest possible option to bring you Quilla wheels that are as good as they can be.

Quilla is created using probiotic curd that lends significant nutritional support to every wheel produced. The contents of the curd make Quilla easy to digest, boosting your body’s ability to absorb rich nutrients like proteins and Vitamin A as well as trace elements like zinc and calcium. 

Quilla is not only packed with nutrients, but it is also prepared to help your body make the most of all its goodness!

Organic Spices & Herbs

At Quilla, we believe that nature knows best. In keeping with that philosophy, we ensure that the ingredients that go into every wheel are free of all chemicals. 

Every Quilla flavour is made using spice mixes that are processed and ground in our own kitchens to keep the process chemical-free. The spices and herbs we use are sourced from certified organic growers who are skilled in yielding 100% pure organic produce that is safe and healthy for you.

Honest to Goodness - That’s Quilla for You!

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