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A Time-honoured Recipe, Levelled Up!

The Mouth-watering Story of Quilla

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and just put together whatever caught your fancy in an attempt to create a snack?

That’s basically what led to the creation of Quilla.

The smell of fresh paneer is a whole mood of its own, but irresistible as it is, paneer isn’t exactly snackible by itself. So we took the liberty to meddle with the process of its creation and see what we could do to make it embrace more flavour and zing. Every experiment gave us more hope and we realized we were on to something.

As a hobby turned into a pet project, the flavours were refined by a professional and the results were extraordinary. With the help of a growing team, we fine-tuned our favourites and they turned into the six indulgent flavours you see today.

And while we were at it, we decided to make Quilla healthier as well as delicious. 

One by one, we switched the ingredients to better versions that we procured from the most pristine sources we could find. So, regular milk became organic A2 milk, herbs and spices were sourced from organic farms we personally trust. Ultimately, the nutritional values of every Quilla wheel transformed to show astonishingly healthier results.

And there you have it! Gourmet flavoured paneer at its absolute finest.

It is truly incredible what a perfectly balanced mix of spices and herbs can do to the iconic Indian paneer. A dash of the right stuff at the right time in the process can create absolute magic in your mouth!

Quilla embodies the evolution of a traditional recipe which, like everything Indian, embraces the modern with effortless ease.

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